Moto bikes


This is due to the fact that criminal gangs are unfortunately highly skilled and well experienced in bike theft. Motorbikes are also easy to hide/store, and can very quickly be stripped down to be sold for parts.
Bikes can be stolen en masse with ease and shipped out of the country within hours.
Many bikes are also stolen by gangs in order to carry out acts of crime with the bike providing a quick getaway. As you can imagine, once they have committed their act they will discard or destroy the bike accordingly.

Over the years there have been major advancements in factory fitted deterrents. However the fact remains that bikes are four times more likely to be stolen than cars, and are the bread and butter for criminal gangs worldwide. Unfortunately these thieves are very good at what they do, and because selling on stolen bikes is so lucrative to them, they will go to great lengths to ensure that they work effectively and efficiently to take a target’s bike.

Now we’ve gone over the scary facts and figures, what can you actually do to avoid having your bike stolen?


It seems like the odds are heavily stacked against you as a bike owner. Either you’ll be one of the thousands of unlucky owners who’s bike is stolen, or you’re doomed to live with the constant worry that your bike could be stolen at any moment… or both.

Global Tracker have provided GPS trackers for security purposes for over 8 years for a wide range of vehicles and assets. Our GPS motorbike tracker has been helping protect bike owners prize possessions. Knowing your bike is safe whenever you are not with it also allows you to enjoy your motorcycle owning experience with full peace of mind.

Not only will you be able to see your bike yourself from your free tracking app, but it also monitored 24/7 by our fully staffed control centre.