Who we are

GTL is a leading global provider of GPS Tracking /fleet management solutions for individuals, small and medium & large-sized businesses delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

The company’s solutions offer real-time insight into vehicle activity that reduces operational costs and improves customer service.
GTL serves more than 20,000 customers, with over the world actively subscribed vehicles worldwide.

Its SaaS and mobile application gives businesses and individuals anytime access to real-time data about their company.

The company’s world headquarters is based in the UK, Additional GTL has office in Ghana and Agents all over Africa.

Global Tracker and Car Alarm Ltd (GTL) is a leading globla provider of GPS Tracking / Fleet management solution for individuals, small and medium and large-sized business delivered as sotware-as-a-service(SaaS)

Improved worker safety.
Gain peace of mind by knowing the exact location of your workers and making it easy for them to call for help.
Increases productivity: Route optimization reduces fuel consumption and increases vehicleutiliztion..


WE SPENT OVER 60 HOURS RESEARCHING WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR CAR AGAINST THEFT. Having your car stolen is expensive, inconvenient and frustrating. That’s why it’s essential to take appropriate measures to protect your valuable asset.