How it Works

Step 1.

Open your browser and type in the web address box “

(what do you see)

Answer: a new page will open as seen in step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Enter your logins (in this case, your username is “demo1” and your password “demo1”)

Step 4

Click “LOGIN”

(what do you see?)

Answer: As seen in step 5

Step 5


Select “main track”

(What do you see)?

Answer: as seen in step 6

Step 6

Look at the top of your left and tick in the box of the car, you want to track. (This will show you exactly where the vehicle is located).


(what do you see?)

Answer: As seen in step 7

Step 7

map view.jpg

A car or vehicle showing on the “map view)


Satellite view

Step 8

Put your mouse on the vehicle on the map.


(What do you see)?

Answer: as seen on step 9

Step 9

What next?

Click “live track”


(What do you see)

A new page opens as seen in step 10 with the same car appearing.

Step 10

What next?

Satellite view .jpg

Satellite view

Map view2.jpg

Map view

Look on your right hand side on the map and zoom “in and out” to enlarge the map.

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  1. This site is absolutely fabulous!
  2. Keep up the great work guyz.
  3. Please send quote foe a simple tracker for my Honda
  4. I known is good and world much is the connection fees?

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